Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee exists to make the UU Fellowship a social and inviting place for members and friends. In addition to offering coffee and treats after service each Sunday, we offer a variety of mixers and events, such as:

  • A meal after service each month in our reception hall
  • Saturday evening Circle Supper mixers at members' homes where members and friends gather in groups of from 8-12 and get better acquainted.
  • An annual bus trip to a play in the Twin Cities, including a reception at our pastor's home.
  • A Silent Auction with food, music, libation and irresistible treasures, including gourmet meals at member's home and adventure outings.
  • A family church picnic or fall festival at members' lake or country home.
  • Members and friends also gather for "movie night" or other shared interests, such as a book club offered by the Social Action Committee.

The Fellowship Committee also provides support when members experience hardship, illness, or death in their families.

What are Sunday Services Like?

Our Sunday services are planned and coordinated by a committee of lay members, committed to fostering meaningful worship in the church community, in keeping with our Principles and Sources.   Our services sometimes draw on outside speakers that reflect these ideals and offer us ways to lead a more engaged, informed and joyful life. 

Our services begin at 10:30 a.m., though many choose to arrive earlier to visit. Child care is always offered and religious education for children is offered during the school year. As you enter the Fellowship, you will be greeted by a member and offered a printed bulletin. Ours is an informal congregation, and you are welcome to help yourself to coffee or tea before the service. In general, you will find that our services follow the following format, however, every Sunday can offer something new:

Meditative Music
At 10:25 a bell will chime and silent meditation is encouraged as a musical selection plays.

Greeting & Announcements
The worship leader will issue a greeting to all present. This greeting incorporates our mission statement: “We are welcoming people of diverse beliefs who honor spiritual inquiry and the dignity of all.”  You may then be invited to exchange a greeting with those around you.

Call to Worship
The worship leader of the day may have some words of wisdom that draw us into the sacred time together.

Chalice Lighting
The chalice has become a well-known symbol of our denomination. It unites our members in worship and symbolizes the spirit of our work. The flaming chalice, like our faith, stands open to receive new truths that pass the tests of reason, justice, and compassion. As the chalice is lit, the congregation stands and reads a “chalice lighting” from the hymnal or as written in the bulletin.

Opening Hymn
Once a month, we are treated to the musical talents of our choir. We are accompanied on the piano, and occasionally members of the congregation who are instrumentalists will perform. The worship leader will indicate if they wish for people to stand, but you may always remain seated if that is more comfortable.

Joys, Concerns, Milestones
Being part of a community means sharing highs and lows. During this time, we take a moment to reflect on the days since we were last together. If there is a joy or concern of particular significance, those present are invited to come to the altar, and use the microphone to briefly share as a candle is lit in their honor.  This is followed by a moment of silence to acknowledge all that is unspoken in our lives.

Wisdom for all Ages
The children are invited to the front of the sanctuary for a fun, interactive time of storytelling which highlights the lesson of the day.  Most days, the children are then excused to the Religious Education classes. It is our tradition to sing the children out with this brief song:
May peace surround you
May love surround you
As you go, as you go
On your way

Spoken Meditation

Silent Meditation

The worship leader may have some readings to share that reflect or enhance the topic of the service. The reading may be any piece of writing. Often, readings are drawn from our hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition, which, in addition to containing our hymns, also has a wide variety of readings that draw from diverse faith traditions.

We are a self-supporting church. Baskets are passed and we ask that you contribute, as you feel comfortable doing so.

This expands the theme of the service. Because Unitarian Universalism is a truth-seeking faith, and because the UUFM honors spiritual inquiry, our speakers may challenge, comfort, educate, comfort or anger us. The Worship Committee strives to engage speakers/topics which will support the diverse journeys and beliefs of all present.

Closing Hymn

Extinguishing the Chalice

Closing Words
A benediction is read by the worship leader and the service concludes with postlude music.

Many choose to stay after the service for coffee and conversation. Often, the speaker or topic of the day engenders conversation. If you’re a visitor, you’ll find many eager to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Just look for someone with a name tag!